We rent apartments to a reasonable price safely.  

We deal with the whole renting process on your behalf.

Vuokrapiste is a rental agency specialized business that offers apartments and business premises.

As a landlord you will find through us reliable tenants safely to a reasonable price.

The most important is that your apartment produces continually and that there aren't any empty months. 

We handle the whole rental process from start to finish, all the way to handing over the keys.

Our eletronical services will safely speed up the process.

We are a rental business agency that is approved and legalized by the Finnish regional state Administrative Agency. We are also a member of  Vuokranantajat Ry.

The most important thing about the renting process is defining the right rental level.

Thereby good tenants will be found quickly to the apartment and stay for a long time. Already 1 empty month will consume the whole year's profit raise. The interruption of rental income causes more additional costs and consumes of the annual profit.

External rental for us.
We know the market and we know your apartment's right rental level.

HUOM !!  We arrange final inspections on apartments thoroughly and for a reasonable price.  

You can also receive through us final cleaning up service + final inspection for a reasonable price.  

We handle the whole rental process from start to finish -

Our business description:  

  • We do intial reviews of the apartment.
  • We describe the apartment.
  • We define the right rental level.
  • We make the housing announcements.
  • We arrange open house.
  • We check candidates' backgrounds.
  • We make legally qualified leases.
  •  We take care of rent guarantee and home security.
  • We hand over the keys.
  •  We support landlords through the whole tenancy.

Check here for your apartment's correct rental level.:

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