Vuokrapiste Helsinki operates in the whole capital region !

We handle the whole rental process from start to finish:

  • We do intial reviews of the apartment.
  • We describe the apartment.
  • We define the right rental level.
  • We make the housing announcements.
  • We arrange open house.
  • We check candidates' backgrounds.
  • We make legally qualified leases.
  • We take care of rent guarantee and home security.
  • We hand over the keys.
  • We support landlords through the whole tenancy.
  • We offer a 12 months' tenants' guarantee for apartments and for business premises

We offer to the landlord a 12 months tenant guarantee.If the tenant resigns during the first 12 months because of problems related to the tenant, we will search for a new tenant free of charge.

In addition, as a landlord, you will receive the contractual penalty specified in the contract.